These documents are not complete and may change over the course of a few months.

Cookies Information

This site uses cookies to help the site function. Below is a list of the names and descriptions of each cookie.

At the moment, cookies are essential to help the site function correctly. If they cannot be set, some functions can't work. This will be changed in the future.

Cookies starting with 'CN' are usually used for site and guide functionality, 'CNP' are used for the player, and others that do not follow these naming schemes may no longer be used or are used for account validation.

These cookies are not used for tracking and they never will be. Having said that, third-party cookies may be set if you allow third-party cookies. (This includes Google, who I use for form validation. If you do not want these cookies set, disable third-party cookies in your browser's settings.)

Cookie Description
CNhome Site: where the heading or home button brings you.
CNTZ Site: Helps show times and dates that are local to you.
CNPautoplay Player: if it is okay to play the latest episode automatically when going to the website. (Currently unused. May be used for future updates.)
CNPloc Site and Player: Where and how to show the player. Default: sidebar.
CNpp Guide: how many episodes to show on each page.
CNacctrem Site: Show or ignore account registration or login reminders.
CNguidelayout Guide: how to display the individual episodes on each page.
CNskip Site: Show or ignore the landing page after further updates (for 2 weeks).
CNPType Player: What size player to show on the menu.
CNPPosition Player: What episode you were last listening to and the position that was last played so if you leave and come back (or reload the page), you'll be able to continue at that point.
CNlastpage Site: What page was last accessed, so if you reload, come back or login, you will be lead to that page.
sec_session_id Site: Unique ID for website and tells the site whether you are logged in or not.

You're free to delete or change these cookies manually but keep in mind that changing or deleting them may cause the website to function incorrectly.

You may see duplicated cookies. Unfortunately, this may affect the website's performance. If it does, try removing ALL cookies and reloading the page. I have rewritten the code that creates cookies, and some pages are using the old code to create cookies.

How to Enable Cookies

Please visit WhatIsMyBrowser to find information about enabling cookies in your browser.